CVMB Resource Guides

CVMB Resources provides information on high school students’ perceptions of the police, charter schools’ Local Control and Accountability Plans, student-to-counselor ratios, racial disparities, advocacy for removing School Security Officers, collaboration with the Kern Education Justice Collaborative, and promotion of restorative justice practices. Explore these resources for more information.


Restorative Justice Practices

This document promotes the use of restorative practices in schools as an alternative to traditional disciplinary actions. It highlights the benefits of restorative practices in fostering healthy relationships, reducing discipline referrals, violence, and suspensions. Examples include conflict resolution programs and peer mediation, emphasizing their effectiveness for all students.

Ending the School-to-Prison Pipeline

The Kern Education Justice Collaborative (KEJC) worked with local and state media outlets to elevate the issue of education and school discipline. KEJC’s communication strategy included billboards, social media, radio, and print ads. Assemblymember McCarty cited Kern County‚Äôs campus carry policy for closing a legal loophole in California.

The People's Plan for Police-Free Schools

This resource advocates for the removal of School Security Officers from Oakland schools to combat the school-to-prison pipeline. It calls for reallocating their budget to support students’ mental health and well-being, citing research showing increased arrests, especially among students of color, in schools with police presence.

Over-Policing In Stockton Schools

This Report Card provides data on the Stockton Unified School district. The student-to-counselor ratio is 850:1. Only 35% of Stockton Unified students graduated with the courses required for admission to the University of California/California State University. During the 2013-2014 school year, Black students represented 24.7% of out-of-school suspensions and 20% of expulsions

Keeping the Promise of LCFF in Charter Schools

This document pertains to charter schools and their Local Control and Accountability Plans (LCAPs.) It examines various aspects, including the approval process of LCAPs by charter school boards and whether these boards provided opportunities for public participation in these approvals. Additionally, the document explores the allocation of funding to charter schools, specifically mentioning the Supplemental and Concentration Grant funding.

The California Healthy Kids Survey

This resource reports on a survey of high school students’ perceptions of police in their schools and communities. Black students reported less positive perceptions of police in their communities compared to students of other races. The survey included over 21,000 students, with the majority identifying as “Of Latino or Hispanic origin (any race.)”